Security company ‘played her like a fool’

In the past five months, four separate seniors from different parts of Pelham Bay and Throggs Neck have come forward saying they were the victims of overly aggressive sales pitches by Platinum Protection.

In what has become something of a trend over the past few months, another senior who was sold a security system by a Utah-based company is complaining about the sales practices and installation of the home protection device.

Norma Argenti, of Country Club, has written to the New York State Consumer Protection Board and contacted a Throggs Neck lawyer in an attempt to get free of a long-term contract she signed with Platinum Protection for five years of service on a security system they installed at her home.

Argenti said she has a son who is incapacitated, and that the panel for the burglary and emergency alarm was placed in an area of the house inaccessible to her wheelchair-bound son.

She also said that the system malfunctioned on one occasion, and has never worked the way she wanted it to work. Argenti said that “she was played like a fool and lied to” about the merits of the security system.

“On June 16, a man came to my back door and said he was putting alarms in all of the houses on the block for safety; they installed the alarm inside the basement door after I said it was no good for any of us and my son cannot walk, stand, or climb stairs,” Argenti stated in a letter to the New York State Consumer Protection Board dated September 30.

Argenti said that her son was in the hospital when the sales and installation team from Platinum Protection, comprising of three individuals, came knocking on her door.

After he returned home, it became apparent that the panel or alarm box was in a location that was inaccessible to the incapacitated son, at the top of the staircase leading to her basement.

After contacting the New York State Consumer Protection Board, Platinum Protection, a Provo, Utah-based company issued a statement to the Board as to their side of the story.

“We deeply regret Mrs. Argenti’s dissatisfaction,” stated Troy Jenson, of Platinum Protection, in a letter to the NYS Consumer Protection Board dated October 22. “During the installation of the system, it was determined that the unit worked best in its current location […] three weeks later, Norma Argenti called in to have the panel moved to another location. Given the situation, we agreed to move the panel to another location. The Argentis were not home at the scheduled time and the appointment was missed.”

Despite the appearance of good faith on the part of the company, Argenti is not satisfied.

“I would like this alarm out of my house and my money returned to me,” Argenti stated. “I feel like they owe me an apology; they also must work on their manner of salesmanship.”

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