Scope Realty is Innovating New York City’s Real Estate Market

Scope Realty is Innovating New York City’s Real Estate Market
Photo courtesy of Scope Realty

Paul Reisner of Scope Realty had a vision: He wanted to create a real estate company that invested in its agents’ success.

He would pay for them to become licensed, provide them with listings and leads, and then continue to educate and train them each week. In short, it was a model that would make it impossible for them to fail because, “We would invest in them from Day One,” says Reisner.

This thinking was revolutionary. Reisner has spent years in the industry, and as far as he knows, no other real estate company had done anything like this.

To bring this vision to fruition, he created Scope Realty, and it has become “the fastest-growing real estate office ever,” says Reisner. In just 14 months, it had 252 agents.

Michelle Roitman is one of the agents who signed on early.

“The day I came in for my interview, I knew that this was the place for me,” she says. And she still feels this same way today. “They are always cheering you on, and doing everything they can to make your life easy.”

A big benefit — one that she finds instrumental to success — is that the office has a driver and company car, available for use at any time.

“What other company does that?” she says.

In addition, “There are amazing mentors, willing to teach you and guide you, every step of the way.”

Cleveland Stewart, another Scope agent, agrees.

“Working for Scope has taught me a tremendous amount over the last year,” he says. “Paul Reisner, the president, and Chris Fenelus, the CEO, are always a phone call away.”

New York real estate can be a difficult place is for newcomers. It is already crowded with firms that have been around for decades, and these recognizable names make it nearly impossible for the new guy on the block to break into the marketplace. This is part of what makes Scope Realty so unique. The company has broken the traditional mold, and by doing so, has shattered the barriers. This fresh, innovative way of doing business creates a winning situation for both the buyer and the seller. Whether it involves commercial real estate, private houses, or rentals, Scope has become a leader in the field.

“Scope is the only one to consider,” says Stewart. “There is always an opportunity to help clients purchase a home, sell a home, or rent an apartment.”

Reisner adds that its management team, brokers, and agents are as diverse as the city itself.

“Our strength as a company comes from our diversity, and our ability to serve every community across the city by speaking their language and living in these neighborhoods.”

Realtor Michael Donkis says Scope offers more to agents than, “anyone out there.” This makes it a win-win for all parties because, “When you pair a solid foundation like Scope Realty, with a determined work ethic, you will see real results.”

Scope Realty is expanding, with new offices that will be opening in Soho, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx in the near future.

Scope Realty [68 W. 39 Street in Manhattan, (212) 408–1620,]. Open seven days, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.