School Sampler of “Report Cards”

Here is a school sampler of progress report grades for 2012-13:


B, P.S. 71, Pelham Bay

C, P.S. 72, Throggs Neck

B, P.S. 304, Throggs Neck

C, M.S. 101, Throggs Neck

C, P.S. 175, City Island

B, P.S./M.S. 194, Zerega

A, P.S. 36, Castle Hill

C, P.S. 108, Morris Park

A, Ichan Charter School 2, Morris Park

A, Van Nest Academy, Morris Park

C, P.S. 105, Pelham Parkway

C, P.S. 83, Morris Park

F, Lehman High School, Weschester Square

F, DeWitt Clinton High School, Bedford Park

B, P.S. 97, Pelham Gardens

B, P.S. 19, Woodlawn

C, P.S. 94 Norwood

A, P.S. 56 Norwood

B, P.S./M.S. 280, Norwood

C, J.H.S. 80, Norwood

A, P.S. 8, Bedford Park

A, Bronx High School of Science, Bedford Park

B, P.S. 95, Van Cortlandt Village

C, Ampark Neighborhood, Van Cortlandt Village

B, Urban Assembly for Civic Engagement, Throggs Neck

B, P.S. 14, Waterbury-LaSalle

D, P.S. 96, Bronx Park East

C, Bronx High School for the Visual Arts, Pelham Parkway

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