Santa Claus is coming to White Plains Road mall

In keeping with a great holiday tradition for the White Plains Road Business Improvement District, shoppers will soon see bright lights welcome the holiday season.

“[The lights] bring a reminder that it’s time for the holidays,” said Larry Prospect, executive director of the BID.  “You see a lot less lighting today because it’s very expensive, but it’s one of our traditions and it brightens up the streets.  I always remember there being lights up.”

The BID will work with New York Christmas Lights and Decorating for a second year. New York Christmas has already installed eight strands of lights and five arching pole pieces.

“We have a three-year contact with New York Christmas, and this being our second year we have had no problems – everything will be the same as last year,” Prospect said.  “It adds to the ambiance of the street and makes it a more pleasant place to shop.”

The White Plains Road strands will extend from Pelham Parkway to Maran Place and continue with the pole pieces onto Brady Avenue.

Children will see a special visitor walking on White Plains Road, handing out candy and treats.  Santa will be available to chat and take photos with all the good boys and girls on Saturdays and Sundays for the three weekends prior to Christmas.

“It’s excellent experience because he walks up and down the street and children are able to run up to him and take pictures with him at no charge,” Prospect said.

The lights were turned on right after Thanksgiving.

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