Sanitation revises rules

By Patrick Rocchio

The Department of Sanitation has answered merchants in Pelham Bay concerned about a new summons practice.

Business owners in Pelham Bay were caught off guard when DSNY enforcement asked for a copy of private carting invoices and signed contracts recently.

The merchants felt the decals, that by law need to be posted on store doors and windows indicating there is private sanitation collection, should be adequate proof. Most store owners don’t leave their invoices or contracts in the store.

After reaching out to Councilman Jimmy Vacca, who wrote to the agency, DSNY agreed to revise its rules later this year, and discontinue the practice of asking for copies of contracts as an enforcement practice.

“The Digest of Codes is currently being updated and a new ‘summary of rules and regualtions’ will be issued later this year,” Maria Termini, assitant commissioner for DSNY, stated in a letter to Vacca. “As the Business Integrity Commission no longer allows long-term contracts to be issued, we understand the fact that businesses can no longer provide a ‘copy of the contract’ […].”

The Business Intergrity Commission is the agency that regulates the private carting industry. By law, all commercial business in New York City must select their own private carting company because DSNY only picks up residential waste.

According to Termini’s letter, the confusion started when BIC issued new decals to private carters for distribution to their clients.

Termini stated in her letter to Vacca that in February 2005, Sanitation Enforcement Agents began looking for the new BIC decals. As a courtesy to merchants, the agents were instructed to ask for a copy of the written receipt from a waste company if they did not have the sticker. Because long-term contracts with carters are no longer required, this enforcement practice will be phased out.

Michael DiFigola of Vito’s Men’s Shop at 1825 Hobart Avenue, commented, “I think stickers in the windows of stores is definitely the right way to go,” DiFigola said.

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