Sandy, you done us dirty but you didn’t knock us out

Good riddance Sandy.

First you give us a big wet sloppy kiss, then you smack us in the kisser.

You turned out to be one nasty Boogie Down beotch.

Like native son and boxing champ Jake LaMotta, the borough WILL quickly pick itself up off the canvas, because that’s the tough Raging Bull that it is.

There ain’t nothing nowhere else like Bronx Attitude.

Word up.


Do we really have to say it? If you don’t vote, we don’t wanna hear your political opinion.

ATTABOYS (and girls)

To a bunch of Bronx electeds who earned their pay getting out there before and after Hurricane Sandy, visiting evacuation zones, trying to get residents out (see Bronx Attitude), and setting up to help folks file claims. The list includes Councilmembers Jimmy Vacca and Annabel Palma, Assemblyman Mike Benedetto, state Senator Jeff Klein and Congressman Joe Crowley.


Facebook posting by licensed Realtor and Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera, about 6 p.m. Monday just as Hurricane Sandy was cranking up to wallop the city: “Now’s the perfect time to House Hunt Online. Visit


Well, we could win an easy bet on where Mitt Romney will pick up the heaviest concentration of Republicanvoters in the Bronx this Tuesday, Nov. 6.

It’s the 19th Election District in the 80th Assembly District in Indian Village next to Jacobi Hospital, with 43.5%, or 196 of the 451 registered voters there were Republican in 2011.

For a look-see at registration numbers around the rest of the borough and city, check out


We’ll be joining the exodus of Bronx and other Hispanic legislators heading down to San Juan to dry out (from Sandy, not necessarily from alcohol) the day after Tuesday’s election.

It’s time for the New York State Assembly/Senate Puerto Rican & Hispanic Task Force’s 25th Annual Somos El Futuro Winter Conference there.

In between the serious workshops (or should we say in spite of them) legislators, consultants and lobbyists spend SERIOUS time making contracts and mending fences over poolside pina coladas and salsa sounds in the casinos at night.

The getaway runs from Wednesday through Sunday, Nov. 11, with Gov. Cuomo and other political biggies showing up to schmooze the crowd.

This year’s confab will be especially important/interesting with a major lineup of candidates for citywide office next year lining up Latino support, while unions and lobbyists work mutual support deals with the wannabe’s for mayor, controller, public advocate (hello BP Ruben Diaz Jr. on that one) and a flock of open city council seats.

“This is the first serious ‘jelling’ meeting for the candidates,” sayeth one Bronx political operative. “It’s when they start talking about serious support.”

The official Somos confab will be back again at the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza on the tacky Condado, faaaaar away from its usual home at the yupscale Inter-Continental Hotel out in Isla Verde near the airport.

After now ex-Bronx Assemblyman Peter Rivera passed the Task Force reins over to Brooklyn Assemblyman Felix Ortiz, the group dumped longtime travel agent Nick Lugo, president of the NYC Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and booked into the cheaper Condado Plaza.

Stuck holding 200 rooms at the Inter-Continental, Nick packed the place with a successful rival business conference that drew a host of the Somos attendees, including the Bronx political crew.

Ditto again this year, with BP Ruben Diaz Jr., Dem Boss Carl Heastie and others checking into the Inter-Continental, commuting to Somos days and partying hardy tropic nights next door at the “in” El San Juan hotel and casino.

And…en mi corazon, te amo San Juan….


To family of Bronx state Supreme Court Justice Harry Silverman of Pelham Parkway, who recently passed away at age 82. Bob Nolan recalls the longtime friend of his father, Judge Benjamin Nolan, was nicknamed The Marrying Judge. “Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Druid – Harry loved performing wedding ceremonies,” said Nolan. “He will be missed.”


Made men. Det. Mark Martin at the 4-8 squad in E. Tremont upped to the ranks of the chosen few as a first grade detective last week. Scotty Patterson from Nightwatch team (they go to work when you go to sleep) and Jason Allison of the 4-0 squad in Mott Haven, both upped to second grade. Though with Allison, we hear it took a lotta tutoring by Sgt. Mike LoPuzzo and veteran first grade Det. Vic Harris.


Nov. 3 – Highbridge Democratic district leader Benny Catala

Nov. 4 – Senator Jeff Klein’s hardworking (aren’t they all?) staffer John Doyle.

Nov. 6 – Anita Valenti, Pelham Bay Taxpayers and Civic Association

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