Salese, EC Salsero Film Music Video

Salese, EC Salsero Film Music Video|Salese, EC Salsero Film Music Video
The crew displayed visually stunning posters to appear in the ‘Together’ music video.
Photo by Silvio Pacifico

Italian American hip hop artist Rob ‘Salese’ joined singer-songwriter EC Salsero in producing a music video shoot for their new hit single, ‘Together’ on Sunday, March 5 at Miami Sports Lounge and Tapas Bar on 26 Bruckner Boulevard. In their revolutionary recording, Salese and EC Salsero exhibit their musical and vocal talents by bringing forth awareness on real life issues and the battle for equality and unity for all in the human race. Their song ‘Together’ is available at

Musicians EC Salsero (2nd from l) and Rob ‘Salese’ (2nd from r) with cameramen Adam Gonzalez (l) and Ed Szamborski.
Photo by Silvio Pacifico

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