Rusty the horse gets help from some good nayyy-bors

Rusty the horse greets a visitor from inside his dilapidated and condemned stable on Pelham Parkway South.
Photo courtesy of Senator Klein's office
Photo courtesy of Senator Klein’s office

Some good neighbors are galloping to help Rusty. He’s the last horse remaining at the dilapidated one-acre stable on Pelham Parkway in Morris Park that’s finally been condemned.

A group of local neighbors and officials are now concerned over what former occupant Buster Morango will do with his horse, who remains in the rundown stables, reportedly living in squalor.

Because of a stipulation in state law, the accompanying order to vacate a condemned property applies only to humans.

Senator Jeff Klein has partnered with Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, an animal rights advocate, to sponsor legislation enabling animal protection officers to save animals like Rusty from condemned properties.

“It defies common sense that even after we’ve condemned this dangerous stable, Rusty is forced to suffer inside,” Klein said.

The city shut down the property at the end of the 1600-block of Pelham Parkway South in 2008, when it was found the owner had been encroaching for at least 25 years on an un-mapped city street. It’s due to be auctioning off shortly, prompting Klein and local concerned residentsh to hold an animal rights rally there Thursday, Sept. 20 to ensure that Rusty will be taken care of.

Community Board 11 member Joanne Rubino said she hopes Rusty’s situation will help put Klein’s law into place.

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