Rock on the Bronx

The Bronx will always rock on. Glad you stopped by. This is the 10 year strong Rock on the Bronx column covering the endless super stream of Bronx creativity, whether it be musicians, actors, directors, bars, restaurants, even some human interest.

ITEM: The Backyard Blues Band is back baby! Saturday, June 21, at Vivienne’s at 3044 Westchester Avenue! And don’t miss Vivienne’s July 11th Sinatra show with Anthony Farina and friends.

ITEM: Bronx punk band Eileen’s Cure has put together a really special event in cooperation with the Bronx YMCA. Here are the details: Bronx YMCA Presents Punk Rock in the Bronx Saturday, June 28. All ages, $5 entrance. Featuring Eileen’s Cure, Since Day One, None the Wiser, Excessive Violence and Paranoia Hyde. 5pm start!

ITEM: “Bronx Paradise” the new film directed by William Lappe and written, staring and produced by Wayne Gurman is getting closer to completion and release. I’ve seen some choice bits and pieces of the film and it looks even better than the short film version that was released a while back. Much, much more on this soon. The soundtrack is getting mapped out as we speak.

ITEM: Speaking of the versatile Bronx’s own William Lappe his off Broadway comedy skit show “Cannoli Happen Again” (Can only happen again) will be running from June 17 to June 29 at The Producers Club, located on 44th Street and 9th Avenue, New York, New York.

ITEM: As a friend to the many unsung police officers out there I want to ask something: This new rule of a cop getting an instant breathalyzer test at the scene of an off duty shooting is still garbage; tantamount to guilty until proven innocent. So what if a cop fails a breathalyzer but the shooting was justified and a life saved? Then what? Does the legal alcohol he or she consumed instantly negate the justification of the shooting? Just curious. I just want the lawmakers to know that there is real life going on out here. Not everything can be mapped out in a board room.

ITEM: Got the word that my old friend Bronx Legend Kenny “Karaoke” Chiocchi, who now resides in Chicago has done his first full gig there.

ITEM: Bronx alternative cellist Elizabeth Glushko is really making a niche for herself in this competitive world of local music. She’ll be playing with R and B groups at The National Underground in the East Village in mid June, also the Locust Point Country Fair on June 21st and another Bronx Symphony concert on June 26th in which she is featured as principal cellist. She also fronts her own Cello driven band called “Cellar” which has been doing steady gigs at The Ice House Café in Throggs Neck and The Starving Artist in City Island.

Rock on. Rock out.

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