Rock on the Bronx

Hey readers. Here are five local music scenes to keep an eye out for:

Scene One: The Haunt in New Rochelle is doing really well with its mix of local rock and metal bands plus national original and cover acts. The shows are being run by Tarik Salongi from Primetime Studios.

Scene Two: Revolution is the new rock n roll dance party that brings a downtown vibe to the up and coming Mott Haven neighborhood of south Bronx right on the doorstep of Manhattan. The Revolution! party at Bruckner Bar, which has been a community gathering place for great food, drinks and its adjoining art gallery/performance space since it opened in 2003, will bring a new nightlife experience to Mott Haven; attracting those who already have their digs there, and those who want to be among the first to experience the area’s nightlife.

Scene Three: The Bronx Underground is a DIY (do it yourself) booking and promotions company based in the Bronx, NYC. Since 2000, the Bronx Underground has been bringing new live music to the borough – music by the kids, for the kids. They have been putting on some of the most consistent awesome rock shows in the borough featuring some of the most dedicated original bands in the area.

Scene Four: Bronx Punk Rock is the newest scene that just did a show at the YMCA with more to come. The quirky energetic Bronx loving band known as Eileen’s Cure are the force behind these special shows.

Scene Five: The Starving Artist Gallery in City Island is the place to go for acoustic singer/songwriters of any age and style who want an appreciative audience, excellent treatment, great surroundings and the comfort of knowing they are in one of the most artistically nurturing environments in all of the Bronx. These are five scenes to keep an eye out for. Rock on. Rock out.

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