Rock on the Bronx

Rock on the Bronx now proudly brings you the Top Ten things Bronx bands have told me they don’t want to encounter when booking or playing a show:

Number 10: You’ve just played 50 songs and someone comes up and says “Can you play something good?”

Number 9: The guy who has his guitar (without a case) in the trunk of his car and wants to know if he can plug in and ‘jam.’

Number 8: You show up to a gig and there is another band already setting up because the night was double-booked.

Number 7: You’re literally singing a song on the microphone and someone starts drunkenly requesting another song in your ear.

Number 6: “Freebird!”

Number 5: It took you weeks to finally get the owner of a venue on the phone and he says “Call me back in 15 minutes.” You do. He left for the day.

Number 4: The bar expected the band to bring a crowd; the band was told the bar has a crowd. Ouch!

Number 3: You prepare and promote for the gig for two months only to have a torrential rain or snowstorm the day and night of the gig.

Number 2: “What do you mean there’s no drink special for the band?”

Number 1: Biggest complaint that Bronx bands have told me they encounter when booking or playing shows is “Can you please lower down a little?” Well, because this column is about bands and bars, I will be soliciting top ten complaints about booking and hosting bands from bartenders and owners in the coming weeks!

Until then, Rock on. Rock out.

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