Revenge-seeking wife guilty

Don’t cross Bonnie Davido. In 2006, the 42-year old Bronxite asked a “hit man” to blind, rape and murder another woman, court documents state. Davido suspected the woman of sleeping with her husband.

“I want you to throw acid in her face,” Davido ordered the hit man, an undercover detective. “I want her to be blind so she can’t see my husband. I want her to be cut up so he won’t want her.”

On Friday, May 15, a state Supreme Court judge slammed Davido with the maximum sentence for conspiracy in the second degree – up to six years in jail. Davido, who lives at 1422 Williamsbridge Road, pled guilty.

She approached the detective on November 16, 2006; he took notes on their conservation.

“This girl is sleeping with my husband and I need it to stop,” Davido said.

Davido provided the detective with the other woman’s name, address and telephone number. She phoned the detective to relay specific instructions. Davido asked him to blind the woman and retrieve her cell phone.

“I have left threats on her [answering] machine,” Davido said. “I will pay you $1,500 and a $500 bonus for your kids.”

On December 19, Davido exploded. She slipped the detective $100 up front.

“I want you to kill her,” she said. “I want you to make it look like a shooting and I want it to look like she got caught in the cross fire.”

Davido warned the detective that she would find another hit man if he postponed the plot. According to court documents, she provided the detective with the woman’s height, hair color and approximate weight.

Davido will serve between two and six years. Senior Assistant District Attorney Larry Harstein handled the case.

Bonnie Davido

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