Retailer VIM selects Bronx site for warehouse

A new 90,000-square-foot V.I.M. warehouse is under construction at a site next to the former Home Depot on Zerega Avenue. It will provide stock for the chain’s 29 stores, including this one at Fordham Road. - Photo by Kevin Heckman

The trendy clothing store V.I.M. will soon make the move from their existing warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to an entirely new, expanded building in the Bronx.

Construction of the 90,000 square foot facility is currently underway on what was a vacant lot next to the former Home Depot on Zerega Avenue.

V.I.M. President Joseph Joseph said he’s proud to grow his business in the borough.

“We do nice business in the Bronx,” he explained. “And, it’s centrally located.”

Upon completion, in approximately three to six months, Joseph said V.I.M. would relocate their Brooklyn stock to the Bronx warehouse, which will in turn service their 29 stores located throughout the five boroughs.

Though, Joseph explained, none of it would be possible without support from the borough president’s office.

“They were so accommodating and helped us with all of our questions,” he commented.

Borough President Adolfo Carrion said he’s happy to help. “V.I.M. is the type of company that we welcome in the Bronx,” he said. “They are a community minded, family owned and operated firm that chose the Bronx for its wholesale distribution center.”

Looking to involve the community in their expansion, Joseph explained the store would install a large, “Times Square type” electronic billboard on Fordham Road.

“It’s going to be partly a community board and partly for advertising V.I.M.,” Joseph explained about the mixed-use medium that would alert community members about upcoming local events, missing pets, etc.

“If you think about it, everything is a two way street,” Joseph added, expressing his desire to help the customers who continually enable his business to grow.

Intrigued by the proposal, Fordham Road BID executive director Wilma Alonso said she couldn’t wait to hear more details and thinks the billboard will be a positive enhancement along the strip.

“I think we will embrace the initiative, because it’s very important for us to be creative,” she said about the ongoing movement to provide upgrades to the area.

Joseph further showed his dedication to the borough by participating in the “Buy Bronx” campaign, an initiative from Carrion to encourage companies to hire local labor and utilize borough resources.

“V.I.M. committed that anything they can do in the Bronx they will,” said Bob Bieder, industrial business zone coordinator for the Zerega industrial park.

Bieder said it’s been pure pleasure working with Joseph and the various members of the family-run company.

“I have to say, V.I.M. is one of those large business that all businesses should be like,” Bieder commented.

“They really show what business can do for a community. You couldn’t ask for a nicer company in the borough.”

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