Restaurant Week kicks off at Mott Haven’s Beatstro

Restaurant Week kicks off at Mott Haven’s Beatstro

Some would argue it’s the best week in the Bronx, but whether you agree or not, it’s certainly the tastiest. ‘Savor The Bronx’s’, the borough’s annual restaurant week, has graciously returned, officially kicking off at the hip-hop-themed speakeasy Beatstro on 135 Alexander Avenue on Monday, January 7.

It was there that a select number of restaurants from around the Bronx put their best dishes on display for a lucky few to try, such as Borough President Ruben, Diaz, Jr. and this reporter.

“We are open for business!” Diaz proudly exclaimed just before getting his hands on some of Beatstro’s creamy mac and cheese.

He went on to say how tired he is of seeing the Bronx left out of ‘restaurant weeks’ around the city and how his borough offers a diversity of cuisine that is second to none.

As a matter of fact Italian, Spanish, and seafood cuisines ‘a la Bronx’ are some of the borough president’s all time favorites.

Fortunately for Diaz and the rest of us, plenty of those types of restaurants and others will be shelling out wonderful deals and discounts to customers until the restaurant week concludes on Saturday, January 19.

Now and most importantly, what can one get and where?

In addition to Alfredo Angueira’s Beatstro, his fellow restaurant and post-Yankee game hotspot The Bronx Drafthouse at 884 Gerard Avenue will also be participating. It’s over there that customers can find a world of craft beers, ‘Highbridge nachos,’ ‘City Island fish and chips,’ in addition to many other Bronx noshing indulgences.

Although this one won’t be around for restaurant week, Angueria is also opening the south Bronx’s first beer garden, Bricks & Hops at 65 Bruckner Boulevard in the upcoming weeks.

As it would be a cardinal sin to exclude Arthur Avenue from the restaurant week, naturally Emilia’s of 2331 Arthur Avenue had it’s rice and meatballs, sauced and ready to go that Monday, which Diaz also fancied.

Newly opened Mexican family restaurant, Xochimilco at 653 Melrose Avenue was also serving up tacos, guacamole and other Latin goodies. Meanwhile The Gun Hill Brewing Company of 3227 Laconia Ave had plenty of craft beer for anyone that was thirsty for their soft and delicious pretzel rods.

Neighboring Mott Haven Bar & Grill at 1 Bruckner Boulevard also had its best and most classic dishes on display.

A few places not present that Monday but definitely participating in restaurant week are; Porto Salvo of 424 E. 161st Street, a contemporary and upscale, Italian restaurant that was voted to the top ten ‘best wine bars in the city’; another is Kingsbridge Social Club, where the beer and prosecco is served on tap and the pizza is served piping hot from its 800 degree, wood fired brick oven.

For a full list of the 37 participating restaurants, deals and discounts visit:

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