Residents share thoughts on Frisch Field renovations

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A rendering of how Frisch Field could look.
Photos courtesy of NYC Parks

As Frisch Field is badly in need of repair, new drink fountains, natural turf, signage, a scoreboard and a multi-purpose field were suggestions made by residents at a community input session in February.

Located in Mosholu Parkway , there are sink holes in the outfield, exposed rock and shoddy dugouts. In 2018 former Councilman Andrew Cohen allocated $5 million for the reconstruction of the area and now the Parks Department is determining how to spend it.

Michael Ortiz, director of Bronx Capital Projects for Parks, explained while the field is primarily used for baseball, they are open to all feedback. He pointed out that the monies do not cover lighting, bleachers or cameras, but part of it will be used to try to prevent flooding on the property.

Barbara Stronczer, president of Bedford Mosholu Community Association, requested a sign be created for the field and a second baseball diamond for children.

“Most people don’t know where Frisch Field is,” she said.

A few residents, including Tara Valenta and Jorge Santana, expressed a desire to construct a multi-purpose field, where kids can play soccer and flag football.

However, Ortiz said this requires turf, which the funds were not allocated for.

One attendee named Lisa proposed the idea of having a playground at the site. She noted that many people in the summer grill on Mosholu Parkway and wanted to know if part of Frisch could be allotted for grilling.

“I’m not keen on the idea of a baseball field because there are baseball fields nearby,” she said. “Perhaps if there’s a designated place for that, then you don’t have as much of that going on at Mosholu Parkway.”

Another resident disagreed with them and prefers to keep the field just for baseball as too many kids playing different sports will create a logistical mess.

Trash at the park was also discussed. Evette Rodriguez and Zoë Arcidiacono both emphasized that the amount of litter in the area must be addressed.

“The garbage situation needs to be fixed,” Arcidiacono said.

The Parks Department expects to finish the design phase in Spring 2022, with an overall completion of the project anticipated for Spring 2024.

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