Repave Inc. Truck Overturns In Wakefield

Firefighters responded to an overturned Repave, Inc. truck last Thursday in Wakefield.
Photo by Edwin Soto

A fast thinking truck driver’s actions prevented an accident from becoming much worst last week in Wakefield. Five FDNY units and over 20 firefighters responded to the scene of an overturned Repave, Inc. truck on Thursday, March 23 at 11:59 a.m. on East 233rd Street and Bussing Avenue off Baychester Avenue. A Repave, Inc. spokesman explained that the driver swerved to avoid hitting a car that was parked in the shoulder lane, when gravity took over. Incredibly, no damage was caused to either the truck or the car. Firefighters helped secure the scene and checked for injuries. The FDNY and Repave, Inc. confirmed no injuries were reported from the accident. Photo by Edwin Soto

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