Religious Services or Health?

COVID-19 is unlike anything this country has seen before. With more than 25,000 confirmed cases in New York and 192 deaths in NYC, when will this get better?

The Bronx has been hit with 2,500 cases, including NYPD Transit Bureau Chief Eddie Delatorre and Councilman Richie Torres. The virus has taken lives of a principal in Brooklyn, Manhattan playwright Terrence McNally and even has Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star Karl Anthony Towns’ mother in a coma.

Schools and businesses are shuttered and the city that never sleeps looks like a ghost town. No one knows when this will get better or worse. Yet, President Trump wants churches filled on Easter Sunday in a couple weeks. With 53,000 cases in the country and nearly 700 deaths according to John Hopkins University, I don’t see hundreds of people packing churches for Easter and synagogues for Passover.

I am not saying this isn’t a tricky situation. How long can the economy stay closed? People have mouths to feed and bills to pay, but is sacrificing health and death worth it?

People should return to work when medical professionals deem it safe.

I know I said this already, but I stress that people need to stay home. No one is saying it’s fun or convenient, especially with no sports, but these are the times we are in.

I have seen recent pictures on social media of religious Jewish weddings in Brooklyn and are these people taking crazy pills or just ignorant? Stay home and use common sense.

Going to an emergency room in the Bronx was already a pain, but now everyone is going there thinking they have contracted coronavirus. Please only go if you have symptoms.

Pouring gasoline on the fire is the fact that there is a huge shortage of ventilators in New York, a city that is the epicenter for the virus and should be receiving the best care. Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio claim New York needs 40,000 ventilators to help people with the corona virus, yet this week the federal government only sent 4,000.

While I’m sure people want to attend religious services in a couple weeks, I hope they choose their life and health first.

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