Put Stan Lee on the new license plates

Put Stan Lee on the new license plates
AP/ Chris Pizzello

It would be different if the newly proposed license plates did not display the word ‘excelsior.’

While this phrase is of course the Empire State’s motto, it has too been coined by not only a New Yorker, but a Bronxite and hero by the name of Stan Lee.

Governor Cuomo, the Bronx Times Reporter encourages you and the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles to include our borough’s Stanley Martin Leiber on whichever version of the newest license plates are chosen to hit the road with.

Given his nature to cameo in many a Marvel film, our paper believes that having him pop up on a license plate is the perfect way to honor his legacy.

After all, he and his team did give plenty of nods to the beautiful New York state in many different ways.

Of course he put Spider-Man in the World’s Borough, Captain America in Brooklyn, the Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange, Daredevil and more in Manhattan, but Lee didn’t stop there.

He thought that the west side of the Hudson Valley was an ideal setting to move the Avengers new facility into while Professor Charles Xavier’s school for the gifted has been sitting pretty at 1407 Graymalkin Lane in Westchester’s Salem Center for plenty of years now as well.

Clearly, the man loved New York.

Instead of having all of those roadway signs that tried to showcase the state’s beauty, it may have been a better investment to just put some Marvel graphics up.

Fortunately it’s not too late to give our guy from University Avenue some outstanding, due recognition at the state level.

Speaking honestly, the current designs in contention are a little less than dynamic and you’ll have to go out-of-state (likely New Jersey) to find a person that has a problem driving behind Stan Lee.

If it makes things easier, we would be happy to do a graphic layout of some concept art for the design to take this project off of your hands. Don’t worry; we won’t go too overboard with it.

The Bronx Times Reporter understands that with great power comes great responsibility, ‘nuff said.