PS 304 $ to Amvets

PS 304 $ to Amvets
A check presentation ceremony was held at a P.S. 304 PTA meeting on Tuesday, April 16. Seen at that ceremony are (l-r) Community Board 10 district manager Kenneth Kearns, Jennifer Hangan, Danielle Bucci, Denise Mango, CB 10 chairman John Marano, Rita Diaz, Walter Rau of AMVETS holding the check, and PS 304 principal Joe Nobile.
Photo by Edwin Soto
by Edwin Soto

P.S. 304 children who raised money through school sales are seeing their altruism go to a good cause.

The students who took part in the school’s cluster program last fall and winter, raised money related to cluster activities like “Artiste Imitators,” and “Cartoon Studio” – selling artwork they made to parents and family friends.

They saw the fruits of their labors realized on Tuesday, April 16 when the school’s PTA donated $956 raised to AMVETS Post 38 in Country Club.

The AMVETS post was chosen after PS 304 principal Joe Nobile was in touch with Community Board 10 chairman John Marano, who suggested the veterans organization because its waterfront facility suffered massive damage from Hurricane Sandy.

“All of our clusters agree to give back to people suffering from the Hurricane Sandy,” said Nobile, adding that an AMVET representative seemed so grateful that it was almost like they had “won the lotto.”

Nobile said that the money could have been given to a worthy charity like the Red Cross, but the school wanted to see it put to good use locally.

AMVETS Post 38 fit the bill because they’ve received no other assistance so far and were not insured.

Marano said the idea to help AMVETS Post 38 was suggested to him by Assemblyman Michael Benedetto’s chief of staff Ben Randazzo.

The entire waterfront-level room at the post was destroyed by the force of Sandy, said past commander Anthony Ciaramella.

“The tide rose and it knocked the wall down and literally sucked everything out inside of the building,” said Ciaramella. “We have had some volunteers working on the place, and we are in the process of getting it done, but we have money issues.”

Not only the post building was damaged, but also a kitchen with stoves, a refrigerators and other appliances, said Ciaramella.

However, the worst damage, said current commander John Rau, was to a concrete patio that was undermined by the storm surge.

Rau said that he was greatly “moved” to learn about all the work of the children that will benefit the post.

“These funds will definitely help a lot with the restoration that is planned,” said Rau. “We will be back on our feet again.”

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