Ponce Bank, NYC Hispanic Chamber announce $40K donation to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico Tropical Weather
A road is blocked by a mudslide caused by Hurricane Fiona in Cayey, Puerto Rico, Sunday, Sept. 18, 2022.
(AP Photo/Stephanie Rojas)

Ponce Bank and the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (NYCHCC) recently announced a $40,000 donation to provide relief following the devastation of Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. The donations will be made in partnership with Comité Noviembre and the New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce. The announcement was made last week at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Isla Verde, in Puerto Rico where the SOMOS NY annual conference was held, that brought together politicians, business and community leaders from New York state.

“We at Ponce Bank are very pleased to offer this important donation that is granted under the Bank’s initiative, Hurricane Relief Fund ‘Always with the Community.’ Our contribution goes directly to non-profit organizations, located in the communities most affected by the Hurricane Fiona to provide key resources to individuals and families who need it most,” said Carlos Naudon, president of Ponce Bank.

The NYCHCC prides itself in its work as an advocate promoting economic development in New York City and in the islands of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. “Given the devastation caused by Hurricane Fiona our leadership came together to support the effort together with Ponce Bank to provide this important funding that will support vital resources in the communities in need,” said Nick Lugo, president of the NYCHCC. 

The President of Comité Noviembre, Teresa A. Santiago, said that she is extremely grateful to Ponce Bank for this contribution to their disaster relief efforts. “This donation will help us continue to provide humanitarian aid to the communities on the island. We will be providing goods and covering various types of needs that people in the western section of the island have, hand in hand with local non-profit organizations,” she said. 

“As a Dominican, I couldn’t be more grateful to Ponce Bank for helping our families in need in the Dominican Republic affected by Hurricane Fiona. There are still many families with children in need and this money is going to make a big difference in their lives. The New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce is proud to have been chosen by Ponce Bank to be a partner in this important and necessary effort. The purchase of goods and items will be made locally to support the economy of the island and the Dominican Republic,” said, Quenia Abreu, president of the New York Women’s Chamber of Commerce. 

Ponce Bank “has a strong history of being responsive when communities are in crisis and this effort is a natural fit for us to continue in support of these terrific organizations that are making a difference during these difficult times,” added Steve Tsavaris, Ponce Bank chairman.

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