Pompeii Lounge dancing ads are no-no

The final days of Pompeii may be coming, and some in the Throggs Neck community are delighted.

As part of a multi-agency task force, the bar and lounge at 3133 E. Tremont Avenue was hit with violations by the Department of Health over the weekend of Saturday, September 25 and Sunday, September 26.

In addition, one arrest was made outside of the club for disorderly conduct.

According to sources, while the operators of Pompeii have begun to keep a lower profile, it has nonetheless become clear that Pompeii is operating as a dance club, an activity they are prohibited from doing, according to Councilman Jimmy Vacca.

The bar and lounge has been advertising dancing, said Vacca. On Saturday, October 2, Vacca received a promotional text message from the club that read: “Why stand around at other spots on a Saturday wastin time when you can parrttyy… and dance at Pompeii 3133 E. Tremont Avenue.”

He notified Captain Green of the 45th Precinct. “The bottom line is that they are advertising dancing and do not have a cabaret license,” said Vacca. “This is Pompeii’s management telling the community that they will not abide by applicable laws. They told us that they do not have dancing. I am calling on the Department of Buildings to rescind their public assembly permit.”

The DOB is currently in the process of reviewing an appeal by the owners of Pompeii, a group called 3131 Enterprise, to retain their assembly permit. On July 19, the club was found to be operating contrary to its DOB permits. This was followed by a DOB audit of its floor plans, and the agency issued a notice to revoke the assembly permit for the club on September 9.

There has been ongoing concern about Pompeii after a shooting, allegedly involving a patron of the club, that took place on the street near the club in April.

Since then, reports have surfaced of patrons fighting and causing disruptions outside of the club. Neighbors are frustrated.

While the city considers revoking the assembly permit, which would limit the amount of people inside of the establishment to 75, Senator Jeff Klein is looking into whether the club is in violation of State Liquor Authority (SLA) regulations.

He said that in light of the recent disorderly conduct arrest, and others over the past few months, the club needs to be closely monitored.

“These incidents are of deep concern and a clear indication that Pompeii Lounge is not only a continued disturbance to residents but also potentially dangerous,” Klein said.

“Last week, I facilitated a call between Captain Green of the 45th Precinct and the SLA to ensure we are keeping a very close eye on this establishment.

I am confident that this issue is now at the top of the SLA’s radar.”

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