Police Beat | Most Bronx precincts see increases in major crimes

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When comparing the NYPD’s crime statistics in the 28-day period from Jan. 8, to Feb. 4, 2024, with statistics from the same time time period a year ago, most Bronx police precincts saw the precincts of the Bronx saw an upward trend in most major crimes.

However, one of the less steep increases was in the 43rd Precinct, which includes Westchester Avenue, Castle Hill Avenue, White Plains Road and Parkchester, where cases of robbery, felony assault, burglary and grand larceny auto crimes decreased by as much as 49.1%. However, this precinct was not immune to the general spike in grand larceny crimes during this time period as compared to last year with an increase of 32.8%.

The 45th Precinct, which includes Throggs Neck, Co-op City and City Island, saw notable increases in all major crimes with the exception of grand larceny auto cases, which saw an decrease of 34.1%. Cases of murder also saw a 100% decrease from last year, with a change from one to zero. The highest percentage increase in this precinct was of rape, which saw a change from one to three this year — a 200% increase. 

Grand larceny crimes rose as much as a steep 97.5% in this period in the 47th Precinct, which includes Woodlawn, Wakefield, Williamsbridge, Baychester, Edenwald, Olinville, Fishbay and Woodlawn Cemetery.

However, some other precincts saw only a marginal increase in these crimes, such as the 46th Precinct, which includes Fordham, University Heights, Morris Heights and Mount Hope. This precinct saw a 6.8% increase compared to the same time period a year ago.

In the one precinct that didn’t see an increase in grand larceny complaints, the decrease was notable. In the 41st Precinct, which includes Hunts Point and Longwood, there was a decrease of 31.7%.  

Murders across the borough saw marginal changes, with totals either decreasing or remaining the same in every precinct, with the exception of the 40th Precinct, which saw an increase of two. The most notable decrease was in the 44th Precinct, which went from two cases a year ago to zero this year. The 44th Precinct includes Grand Concourse, Bronx Terminal Market and Yankee Stadium.

Grand larceny auto crimes decreased almost unanimously across the borough with the exception of the 49th and 52nd precincts, which saw increases of 33.3% and 60%, respectively. Other boroughs saw a range of decreases in grand larceny auto crimes, with the most notable being in the 42nd Precinct, which saw a change from 36 cases to 19, marking a 47.2% decline compared to last year.

The 52nd Precinct saw increases in cases of rape, robbery, grand larceny, and grand larceny auto. Cases of rape increased from two to three, a 50% increase compared to last year. Notably, cases of robbery increased from 24 to 47 and cases of grand larceny auto crimes increased from 25 to 40, marking changes of 95.8% and 60%, respectively. 

Charts courtesy Jill Tuthill

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