Poe Park Exhibits ‘Color of Comics’

‘Ghetto Brother: Warrior to Peacemaker’, a graphic novel by author Julian Voloj, was proudly displayed at the exhibition.
Photo by Miriam Quin

Bronxites and art aficionados ‘got animated’ at the ‘Color of Comics’ opening reception on Saturday, February 4 at the Poe Park Visitor Center. The action-packed exhibition showcased private art collections from artist Ray Felix and writer Alex Simmons along with several talented African American comic book artists such as Paris Cullins, Trevor Vonnie Eden, N. Steven Harris, Carl Kent, Corey Fields, Jerry Craft, Christopher Duckett, Khary Randolph, Jamal Ingle, Alitha E. Martinez and Sha-Nee Williams among many others.

(l-r) N. Steven Harris, ‘(Brotherhood of) The Fringe’ comic book creator and artist; Alex Simmons, writer consultant; Alitha E. Martinez, ‘Yume and Ever’ comic book creator and artist; Julian Voloj and Ray Felix, curator.
Photo by Miriam Quin

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