Plummer Pavilion’s plans fail

Plummer Pavilion may not succeed at 1870 Pelham Parkway South, but hopefully other medical tenants will soon be found. Photo by Victor Chu

Word is spreading through Pelham Bay that the Plummer Pavilion, which was planned as a luxury senior assisted-living facility, may fall victim to the recession. Concern has mounted as to what will come next to the five-story former hospital.

The Plummer Pavilion was set to occupy the location of the former Durso Pavilion of Our Lady of Mercy Medical Center at 1870 Pelham Parkway South. It was to be a luxury assisted living facility costing upwards of $4,000 to $5,000 per month. Prices were lowered to $2,000 per month recently to attract clientele.

While calls to the operator of the Plummer Pavilion, Nathan Plummer, yielded no comment as of press time it does not appear that the facility will be occupying the building.

“Unfortunately, Plummer failed and we are looking for a new tenant,” said the building’s owner Moujan Vahvat. “He has not paid his rent and is in default. The market turned against him. He had planned for a luxury assisted-living, but those who are working to support their parents are having a hard time affording it.”

Vahvat added: “He is one of the nicest people in the world.”

Vahvat is president of East 110 Street Realty. Vahvat wishes that the owner of the Plummer Pavilion would revive his tenantcy, but doesn’t hold out much hope. Over the past few months, Plummer was even renting space in the building’s parking lot to truck owners to raise money, according to neighbors.

Anita Valenti of the Pelham Bay Taxpayers and Community Association said she is very concerned about what will happen to the pavilion, which was valued at over $32 million in 2006, according to Department of Finance records.

“We are very concerned about the Plummer Pavilion failing,” Valenti said. “There is a rumor going around that the building may become drug rehabilitation or a homeless shelter. They have to let us know what the future is for that building.”

Andrew Chirico, of the Waterbury-LaSalle Community Association cautioned that rumors of drug rehabilitation or a homeless shelter at the site may be unfounded.

“If those rumors are false, it is really a shame because they are upsetting people,” Chirico said. “If a group decided to rent the building and do something positive, that would be great. It is a good location for a dentist or doctor. I think it could probably turn into a great building; the economy is holding it back.”

Councilman Jimmy Vacca has been monitoring the situation and has been in talks with the owner of the building.

“We have heard rumors that the owner will be leasing the ground floor to a group of surgeons,” a spokesman for Councilman Vacca said. “If this is true, it may be beneficial to the area.”

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