Pitching for Soundview seniors’ needs – Lindy McDaniel

Lindy McDaniel, a former Major League Baseball relief pitcher who played with the Yankees in the ’60s and ’70s, with 10-year-old Brianna Roberts and 9-year-old Eviana Torres.
Photo by Walter Pofeldt

A Bronx senior center brought their ace relief pitcher out of the bullpen to help push the city and state for more space.

The James Monroe Senior Center invited Lindy McDaniel, a former relief pitcher for the Yankees during the ‘60s and ‘70s, to their 52nd anniversary party on Friday, August 8.

The Soundview senior center also used McDaniel’s appearance to advocate for funding toward a new structure, which staff say would ease the overcrowding at the existing site.

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Cesina and Ralph Mirabat dance the afternoon away.
Photo by Walter Pofeldt

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