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Giants-Jets Week 11

The Jets (4-6) were beaten, and I mean beaten, by the Patriots (7-3) 31-14. QB Mark Sanchez played carelessly and was intercepted 4 times which led to 17 points for the Pats. Lowry was the only Jet bright spot with 4 kick-returns for 111.yards.

The Giants (6-4) snapped a 4 game skid with an OT win, 34-31, over the Falcons (5-5). They still had poor “D” in the “Red-Zone” and blew a 14 point lead in the 4th. The Falcons’ Tony Gonzalez had 8 catches for 82 yards; while the Giant TE Kevin Boss came through with his 1st 2 TD game. Boley led the D at LB with 11 tackles, 1 sack, and 2 hits on the QB.

Giants Week 12-A

The Giants (6-5) lost 26-6 (2 FG) to the Broncos on Thanksgiving night. I knew there had to be a good reason the game stats weren’t in the morning paper- beside the time. Tim Smith of the NY Daily News put his finger right on it: “Short week, short rest, high altitude, a grumpy running game, a defense that wilts late in games-a great mixture for a disaster cocktail.” Eli was 28/40, 230 yds., was sacked 3 times and the team had 3 fumbles and rush 16 times for 57 yards. Maybe now Gilbride will realize that Jacobs does better running down hill on quick openers than sweeps that take longer to develop. Jacobs ran 11/27 and most of those were in the 2nd half.

No Chocolate For You

Peter Quillin’s manager, John Seip sent this to me about Peter’s emergency appendectomy. John said “It is unfortunate what happened to Pete, but he recovering nicely and that is what is most important right now. We are looking for a January return for Pete and I will be meeting with Cedric early next week to discuss the details. Pete looked great in the gym and he was preparing himself to really look spectacular in front of all of his fans in New York City. Cedric has been negotiating with HBO executives for Pete to appear on their network in 2010. We look forward to a quick return and 2010 will be a break out year for “Kid Chocolate”.

A Writer’s

Favorite Owner

Bud Adams is my new favorite owner in sports,” said Bruce Jenkins, of the SF Chronicle. “He’s 86 years old, he has been hanging around pro football forever, and what the hell: As his Tennessee Titans were finishing off Buffalo on Sunday, he moved to the edge of his suite-level perch (after dancing a little jig) and flipped off the Bills’ sideline. With both hands. For this, he’s fined $250,000 by the NFL? For heaven’s sake, we need more of that.”

Molinaro Marinara

*When DeAngelo Hall was involved in that shoving match on the Falcons sideline and Atlanta coach Mike Smith was trying to get at him, Hall’s defensive mates didn’t exactly rush to his aid. Might tell you something about the make-up of the Redskins – or what they think of Hall.

*Your b.s. detector wasn’t working in the 1990s if you’ve got to read Andre Agassi’s book to discover what a first-class phony he was.

*It’s not a good year for college football when the biggest stories are about officials blowing calls.”


Norman Chad passed along:

*“When he’s at home, I imagine Fox’s Tony Siragusa stands in the corner of the backyard and shouts out stuff his family doesn’t understand.

*Last year Chris Berman did TV spots for Nutrisystem, this year he’s doing spots for Applebee’s. Isn’t this playing both ends against the middle?”


Dwight Perry introduced, “One of your East finalists in this year’s CFL playoffs: the British Columbia Lions. No wonder kids these days have so much trouble mastering geography.”

Dwight reported that, English rugby coach, Martin Johnson said to the London Guardian about 20-jear old up-and-comer Courtney Lawes, “Someone texted me saying he’s a bit like I used to be, but more athletic, funnier, and better looking.”

Freak’s Flag

“SF Giant,Tim Lincecum’s hair (known in MLB as Freak),” Scott Ostler said. “Gets two thumbs up here. For practical reasons, for sure. As sports-sage Sam Spear points out, there’s no way Lincecum will ever be snapped up by the Yankees. Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon and Nick Swisher all cut their hair to conform to the Yankees’ snooty rules. Can’t see Lincecum selling out to that kind of elitist bullcorn.”

Be Like Tiger

Jerry Crowe, of the LA Times, said- “Like Michelle Wie, who broke through last weekend, Tiger Woods was 20 years old when he notched his first professional victory — at Las Vegas in 1996. . . . “

Soccer Misplay

“From the standpoint of worldwide appeal,” said Bruce Jenkins. “Wednesday’s two biggest soccer games were the World Cup qualifiers (lose and you’re out) pitting France against Ireland (who were robbed by the French and FIFA) and Portugal, desperately trying to survive without injured Cristiano Ronaldo, against Bosnia-Herzegovina. ESPN, prepping to telecast the big show in South Africa next summer, gave us Greece-Ukraine and a relatively meaningless match between the United States and Denmark. Either cover the sport correctly or give it to some other network.”

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