Pipe Dreams

Giants Week 13-B

The (8-5) Giants beat the Cowboys (8-5) 31-24, how sweet it is! Although Dallas outgained NY 424-337, it was the “D” that shut them down, holding their explosive run game to 45 yards. They took it to the Cowboys with 2 sacks and an int. Brandon Jacobs rused 13 times for 39 yards and also had a reception and run TD for 74 yards. Steve Smith had 6 catches for 110 yards, Domenik Hixon ran back a punt 79 yards for a TD and Aaron Rouse had 10 tackles with 1 sack.

PC Police

Those NBA suits who object to taunting, have gone too far this time. It seems that player #1 (I’m deliberately not using names here) threw down a monster slam on player #2 and then turned and looked at #2, nodded, smiled. He was called for a taunting foul and fined. Have you ever played horse? From our first time in the playground playing that game, we learned to taunt. It was part of psyching out your opponent. So lighten up people!

Trash Talk

The Sports Media correspondent for the NY Daily News, Bob Raissman, trashes everything, everywhere. This self-appointed defender of objectivity must believe that all of his negative reports are some kind of wonderful.

Dwight’s Bytes

*The Jets gave rookie QB Mark Sanchez, who’s thrown 15 interceptions in his past eight starts, a new set of code words to make his job easier. The first code word, we assume, is the color of the jerseys he’s supposed to be throwing to.”

*From “Janice Hough of LeftCoastSportsBabe.com, on the Raiders’ shocking upset of the Bengals last week: “For the first time in recent memory, Oakland receivers used their hands more than the French soccer team.”

*”Let’s just say that Dany Heatley — the NHL goal-scoring leader who teased the struggling Oilers last summer before signing with the first-place San Jose Sharks — wasn’t a popular guy when he played in Edmonton on Friday night.

“This is like running into an ex-girlfriend a month after she dumps you,” wrote Robert Tychkowski of the Edmonton Sun. “She’s holding hands with a Tom Cruise-looking fighter pilot, and you’re asking if they’d like fries with that.”

*From TheOnion.com: “Pittsburgh School District leads nation in ability to spell ‘Roethlisberger.’ “

*From SportsPickle.com: “New Jersey moves Nets to Brooklyn.”

* From Fark.com: “It was Mrs. Woods, in the driveway, with the golf club.”

*Looks like it might be unanimous: All 30 NBA coaches say Allen Iverson really ought to be signed — by some other team.”

*”The Mets just got some new duds for next season” refers to:

a) a retro-uniform option for home games;

b) the team’s latest batch of free-agent signings.”

Comes Out After Dark

The Sports Curmudgeon passed this along: “Frank Fitzpatrick had this observation in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable has benched quarterback JaMarcus Russell in favor of backup Bruce Gradkowski.

Cable said he wasn’t able to notify Al Davis of his decision immediately because the owner couldn’t get cell-phone reception in his Marin County coffin and rarely arose before sunset.”

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