Pipe Dreams

It might be just me, but I think that…


My friend Vinny Van W, who lives in Tampa, sent me a note saying, “Ha! So much for Philly’s suspect pitching.” He said that when Utley hit that HR in game 1 it took off so fast, it should’ve had a stewardess on it.

Giants/Jets Week 7 When Turnovers Were The Name Of The Game

The Giants won a so-so game 29-17, but were only up by 7 going into the 4th. Eli Manning was 16-31, 161 net yards. They rushed for 112 yards on 32 carries. It was the “D” that saved the day with 2 INT.’s, 6 sacks, and 1 caused fumble that resulted in a 4th quarter safety. They held the “Niner’s” to 35 rushing yards on 16 carries.

The Jets lost in OT 16-13 to the Raiders. “Brett the Jet” passed 21-38,176 net yards. But had 2 INT’s and was sacked 3 times. The team had 4 fumbles (1 they lost). Favre did engineer a 4th quarter 95 yard drive that included a 36 yard RAC (run after catch) by Brad Smith. 

But Are They Consistant?

Jerry Crowe wrote in the LA Times that one week after a Sports Illustrated poll of NFL players deemed Eli Manning the league’s third most over-rated QB, another SI poll named the Giants signal-caller the league’s second-most underrated quarterback.

Big Card

The place: Roseland 239 W.52nd St. – the date: Nov 21st WHO- John Duddy (25-0, 17 KO), Jorge Teron (22-0, 15KO), and Pawel Wolak (22-1,15KO). The card, being promoted by Cedric Kushner, is being called “The Grande Event.”

I Don’t Understand

There’s something that I don’t understand (along with cold fusion and why those AA batteries are never where I put them). Why do some MLB baseball teams revel in being perennial losers? Until a couple of years ago the “Red Sox Nation” started their whining around the Forth of July when the Yankees swept a three game series. By the way- any group of fans that call themselves a “Nation” really have to get a life!

Chicago Cubs fans have been blaming their century-long lack of success on “The Billy-Goat Curse” and “The Bartman Curse.” In Philadelphia the fans loudly publicized their 10,000 losses. We’ve seen “rally-caps” and even “rally-monkeys” used without success.

Here in NY, the Brooklyn Dodgers were “lovingly called Dem Bums” and their fans were asked to “wait until next year” time and again. Losing teams are not always loveable- look at the Raiders.

Losers are what they are- losers!

Which Would Happen First?

The Sports Curmudgeon asked that question after pointing out that the Cubs last won a World Series in 1908 and the Cardinals last lost 100 games in 1908. So-what would happen first- the Cubs winning a World Series or the Cards losing 100?

Speaking Of Stupidity

In an article called “Wall Street Trumps Baseball As Crooks,” Gwen Knapp wrote in the SF Chronicle, two sentences that topped the stupidity charts for this millennium: 1) “Steroids don’t help you hit a baseball” and 2) “Real Estate prices will always go up.” If Washington had been minding mortgages the way it scrutinized baseball, its present problems might not exist.

Oh Really?

NBA Commissioner “King David” Stern’s independent investigator, former Federal Prosecutor Lawrence Pedowitz, found no substance to the allegations of fixing games made by Tim Donaghy, who’s serving a 15-month sentence for betting on NBA games.The NBA says that it now has a “prototype, proprietary system for screening games in an effort to detect data patterns that warrant further investigation.” That’s “lawyer speak” for them looking at box scores to see the number of foul shots taken by each team in a game. Mark Heisler said in the LA Times that referees get the “Mushroom Treatment- They’re kept in the cellar with fertilizer thrown on them.”

I Didn’t Believe It Either

The Sports Curmudgeon wrote about NBA Commissioner “King David” Stern’s independent investigation report and said “that report has as much credibility with me as a sixth grade science project would have with the Nobel Committee. Donaghy did what he did for about five years without anyone in the employ of the NBA in a ‘security role’ having a clue what he was doing. The people telling the NBA’s ‘double secret/prototype warning system’ what to look for are the same people who didn’t know what Donaghy was doing.”

Scaling Back

Richard Hinds of the Sydney morning Herald said that the pro-golf tour might scale back on salaries because of the Wall Street mess (and that’s what it is- a mess- created by Wall Street itself) and eliminate prize money for the pros that would “prove they really do love Augusta and St. Andrews so much they would play for nothing.”


This is a Public Service Announcement aimed at multi-taskers. “October is National Communicate With Tour Kids Month and October is also National Toilet Tank Repair Month. So plan to teach your kids to repair a toilet tank soon—your welcome.”

O.J.’S Plan

Scott Ostler wrote in the SF Chronicle that O. J. Simpson is following through with “his pledge to spend the rest of his life looking for the real killers of his wife and her friend (maybe he was misquoted; maybe he vowed to spend the rest of his afternoon). If you were looking for real killers, where would you look? On the golf course, or in prison? Now Simpson is in jail awaiting his sentence, kept in isolation for his own protection. How’s he going to find his wife’s killer if he can’t mingle with the other prisoners? Life is so unfair.”

Again, maybe it’s just me—but…. 

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