PHOTOS: Early voting a breeze with a steady turnout in Throggs Neck on Tuesday

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Three residents wait for early voting polls to open before noon on Tuesday, Oct. 26
Photos by Alex Mitchell

On Tuesday, early voting in Throggs Neck was a comparatively easy task to other parts of the city, which have seen nightmarish lines since polls opened a few short days ago.

Prior to being allowed into St. Francis de Chantal church off of East Tremont Avenue, a massive line created a square perimeter around the church’s dedicated block, before fluidly moving at noon when voters were allowed into the socially distant, makeshift facility.

Three local residents, who used to be poll workers, said that they could not imagine doing such a job in this election before they made their ways inside. They later said that there was no hassle casting their ballots and commented on how socially distanced the setup was.

One expectant mother who works nights and also has children in school, said she didn’t mind giving up her only downtime to wait on line to vote, even if it would take all day.

She was relieved to learn that anyone expecting was allowed to the front of the line before doors opened just a few moments later.

Councilman Mark Gjonaj also made his way to the church, handing out PPE supplies, masks, food, water and much more to those waiting to vote in his district, also setting up a self-service doughnut stand adjacent to the St. Francis parking lot.

By Tuesday’s later portion of the afternoon, that line was whittled down and fast moving as voters continued to turn out without having to endure a brutal wait.

On the first three days of early voting, the Bronx saw 46,575 of its 839,176 registered voters cast ballots, according to political sources.

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