Letter: Views on society resemble movie script

Mad Max
A scene from the movie “Mad Max.”
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To the Editor,

The apocalyptic vision presented this week by the extreme right-wing columnist is reminiscent of the film “Mad Max,” but instead of mutants and psychopaths creating mayhem, he substitutes politicians who disagree with his ideology. The author employs one of the conservative crowd’s favorite devices, fear, in an effort to discredit his political opponents. Let us apply some real world reasoning and logic to some of the various misleading statements and wild claims presented by the columnist.

The author downplays the awful significance of the Jan. 6 insurrection, calling it, “… a single day’s violence in one city…”.  In a remarkable display of hypocrisy, an attempt to overthrow the government is minimized by the author but isolated incidents at protests for social justice are highlighted as if they were the norm. Fear, baby, fear.

Fear the rabble in the streets, fear those black troublemakers. Oh, and remember Democrats are opening the border to drug cartels and human traffickers. Fear, baby, fear. The extremist further declares that the Democrats “…are enriching Moscow’s financial ability to fund its armed forces…”. Another fearful development. How so? Well, if Frank can imagine it, it must be true.

The current president is faulted for his supposedly tepid efforts to combat COVID, despite ramping up testing, using FEMA to expand hospital capacity, sending test kits to American households and using the Defense Production Act to insure an adequate supply of tests. In stark contrast, Mr. Trump denied there was a problem, sought to limit testing, promised the virus would disappear and ultimately washed his hands, declaring, “It is what it is.”

Some people claim that Trump cannot be blamed for the insurrection. Did they not see the speech given by the former president immediately preceding the Capitol attack? Did they not witness the former president laying the groundwork for months prior to the election, prophesying that the election would be stolen?

Conspiracy theories, baseless accusations, character assassination and appeals to fear characterize the efforts of the right-wing ideologue. Hopefully, readers will recognize the lack of credibility of the “ideas” promoted by the extreme right-wing columnist.

Pasqual Pelosi

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