Pelham Parkway reconstruction needs additional 18 months

The resurfacing of the main westbound roadway of Pelham Parkway has created traffic, especially at morning and evening commuting times, as seen here on Pelham Parkway near Eastchester Avenue.
Photo by Silvio Pacifico

The second phase of Pelham Parkway’s massive reconstruction is making progress, but may take additional 18 months to complete.

Pelham Parkway’s two northern-most roadways are being rebuilt as part a massive, $100-plus million ‘Phase 2’ reconstruction of the two northern-most roadways on the parkway, following the completion of ‘Phase 1’ in 2015, which rebuilt the two southern-most roads.

The westbound main roadway between Stillwell Avenue and White Plains Road is currently receiving resurfacing, slowing vehicular traffic along the parkway’s length as travel lanes are reduced.

Some community leaders would like to see Phase 2 completed faster.

“Traffic is a disaster there,” said Al D’Angelo, Morris Park Community Association president. “Go (to the west-bound roadway) anytime between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. and you will find it all backed up on Pelham Parkway.”

D’Angelo said it is his belief that the project could go faster, saying that oftentimes he passes by the worksite during times when construction takes place and sees only a handful of workers on the job.

A DDC spokeswoman said that the project’s end date has been pushed back to spring 2023.

According to Community Board 11 meeting minutes it had been originally projected for completion in the summer of 2021.

“The project is anticipated to be completed in spring 2023 as a result of delays while we wait for Con Edison to relocate major gas and electrical lines located under Pelham Parkway,” stated DDC spokeswoman Shoshana Khan.

In addition, in response to community concerns about poor road quality and sinking in some areas along the Pelham Parkway South service road after the Phase 1 reconstruction, DDC is indicating that when Phase 2 is complete, the Phase 1 concerns will be addressed.

“Following the completion of Phase 2 of the project, the city will go back and resurface the entirety of Phase 1,” stated the DDC spokeswoman.

D’Angleo, also CB 11’s chairman, echoed the concerns of the other board members about the selection of the same contractor from the first phase for the second, and believes any issues with the Phase 1 work should be repaired at the contractor’s expense, instead of the city’s.

He noted that the Phase 1 reconstruction was a contract that was just under $40 million and Phase 2 is approximately triple that, yet around places where there are drains and manholes residents have been dealing with sinking roadways, especially on Pelham Parkway South.

Jeremy Warneke, CB 11 district manager, confirmed that the conditions that need to be remediated and the roadways from the Phase 1 project would be addressed at the city’s cost.

According to DDC, work on all highway drains and catch basins in Phase 2 were completed, along with two miles of 20” water distribution main including fire hydrants and five sections of 36” water main.

Still remaining to be completed on the project, in addition to the resurfacing, are the installation of more water mains, combined sewer enhancements, street and traffic light replacement, sidewalk reconstruction, and the ongoing relocation of gas mains, according to the agency.

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Traffic is getting heavy along Pelham Parkway as resurfacing work on the parkways main west-bound roadway, as seen here between Stillwell Avenue and Eastchester Road.
Photo by Silvio Pacifico

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