Pelham Bay Taxpayers Association

Our next PBTCA will be held on Monday, November 17, at St. Theresa’s Cafeteria, 2855 St. Theresa Avenue. Our guest speakers are from the NYC Fire Department and will speak about fire safety and fire prevention. At the conclusion of our meeting, the firemen will give everyone a free smoke detector. A reminder, the MetroCard Van will be in front of the Lawrence F. Keane Post, 2879 Buhre Avenue on Friday, November 28, from 1 to 3 pm..

Unite Together To Stop The

Invasion Of Our Communities

Five of our local civic associations have united together to stop the invasion of our communities by greedy building developers. the Country Club, Ferry Point, Throggs Neck, Pelham Bay and Waterbury civic associations are circulating petitions to amend the antique zoning laws of decades ago that do not make sense in today’s times. Come to your civic association meetings, sign the petitions of opposition to the insane over development and bring petitions home for your friends and neighbors to sign. With a strong united group of taxpayers we will stop the invasion of our communities.

Call our elected officials and ask for their support in our crusade. Call 3ll and ask that your complaint of over development eliminating our green space be forwarded to the Environmental Protection Agency and ask for your complaint number.

Why does the Department of Buildings continually approve the building of more and more buildings in our 10461 and 10465 communities? Why, with so many newly constructed buildings still unsold, new apartment buildings with vacant apartments, overwhelming bank foreclosures, is the DOB still approving further construction of additional buildings? The supply of homes in our communities exceeds the demands. We demand answers as to the ongoing preferential treatment of builders over the needs of the taxpaying community.

Any future lots for sale in our commercial areas must be for the needs of the community. We desperately need municipal parking lots so that we can shop in our own community. Those who have over developed our neighborhoods do not live in our communities and don’t give a damn on how their greed has destroyed our quality of life. Do not be silent any longer. Write, call, e-mail and voice your demands for the betterment of your neighborhood.

Is another crisis looming ahead of us? When President Bush announced he was lifting the ban on drilling for oil, but now it was up to the Congress to do the same. The very next day the price of a barrel of oil dropped and has continually dropped — until this past week. The price of a barrel of oil these past few days has slowly been inching upwards. Have the Wall Street speculators become comfortable realizing that the Congress has no intention of drilling for oil. We all better start calling and demanding that our senators and congressmen approve of drilling for oil immediately. We do not want them to sit idly by again, watching the gallon of gas rise back up past $4 a gallon.

The United States must never again be dependent on foreign countries who hate us, to beg for their oil. Solar Power, and windmills are years away and must be built. We do not believe the lies that our oil cannot be delivered for decades. Russia and China, with the approval of Castro, are digging for oil off the coast of Key West Florida. With our technology that oil can be in our oil burners and the gas in our tanks within a year. With computers today, we can get the records of how our congressman and senators are voting on these important issues. Let them all know that we demand that they vote for our will.

Join your local civic associations — united as one strong voice – NEBCA — NorthEast Bronx Community Alliance. Your dues of $10 include the weekly delivery of the Bronx Times Reporter and can be paid at our November 17 meeting. Refreshments at 7 p.m., followed by our meeting. Bring a friend and let your voices be heard loud and clear.

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