Pelham Bay Park Station to get upgrades, bird droppings targeted

Pelham Bay Park Station to get upgrades, bird droppings targeted
An entrance to the Pelham Bay Park Station.
Photo by Bill Weisbrod

The Pelham Bay subway station is getting a face lift.

Work is already underway to spruce up the station, and it is expected to be completed by February.

The upgrade will include an exterior paint job and removal of all loose-hanging netting. There will be several measures to combat the severe problem of pigeon feces that plagues both the elevated station itself, and Amendola Plaza, which sits an street level.

The MTA is installing systems to deter pigeons, such as spikes, repellent gel and a sonic repellent system. It also pledges to clean all pigeon droppings at the station and will install a “Do Not Feed the Pigeons” sign.

Train service will not be affected by the ongoing improvements. Pelham Pay is the terminus of the #6 IRT line.

Co-op City resident Manuel Rodriguez uses the Pelham Bay Park station several times a week. He agreed that it could use an upgrade.

“Sure it needs work,” he said, pointing to a large pile of bird droppings. “It’s ugly.”

But Sharlee Benjamin of Pelham Bay said she has no opinion about what the station looks like, she just needs the train to run on time.

“I don’t think it’s necessary,” she said. “But as long as it doesn’t get in the way of my commute.”

The MTA did not release figures on the cost of the project, and all work is being done in-house by MTA employees.

The agency is also exploring the possibility of improvements to the station’s platform and canopy as part of its 2012-14 Capital Program but does not yet have the funding.

Amendola Plaza is also scheduled to have an improved look, thanks to a $1.5 million allocation from Councilman Jimmy Vacca. But construction on that project is not expected to begin until 2013.

An MTA spokesperson said the two projects were unrelated.

Community Board 10 district manager Ken Kearns said the improvements, while not huge, are warranted.

“To the board, we felt that it did not look as good as other stations. This is going to be a paint job, It’s going to be made to look better. It’s not a complete renovation. It’s a spot upgrades.”

The pigeons beg to differ.

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