Pelham Bay painters’ work area to be removed by contractor

In what has become a protracted stay, an area set aside for work crews who were painting #6 el while in the confines of Community Board 10 may finally be removed in the next three weeks as MTA NYC-Transit move the painters further down the line.

A painters’ supply area under the el on Westchester Avenue between Mulford and Mayflower avenues was set in place to store materials as painters from Ahearn worked on the train structure. According to a nearby resident, MTA-NYC Transit promised when they set it up in March 2007 that it would be gone in a year.

Unfortunately, due to delays, the painter’s storage area is just now in the process of being removed, as MTA-NYC Transit works with City agencies to get the area on Westchester Avenue between the Buhre Avenue and Middletown Road train stations restored to normal.

“I am hopeful because MTA-NYC Transit has said that they will be moving the storage area in two weeks,” said Teri Landi, who lives nearby. “I don’t see workers coming into the area in the mornings, and my neighbor said they saw a new storage area being constructed between the Parkchester-E. 177th Street and St. Lawrence Avenue stations.”

Landi said she became concerned when the storage area, which takes up half of the side walk and one lane of traffic under the el, remained long after the NYC-Transit appeared done painting in the area. Apparently, there were still some spots that needed touching up on the #6 line between Castle Hill and Pelham Bay.

“We are in the process of removing the storage area right now,” said MTA NYC-Transit spokesman James Anyansi. “There was a delay because we are waiting on Con-Edison to remove the feeder cable servicing the site, and for Department of Environmental Protection water permits to remove water feeds.”

Anyansi said he expects the painting storage area to be gone within three weeks.

Work crews were spotted in recent weeks painting the el on the outskirts of CB 10 near Westchester and Castle Hill avenues.

“They were only supposed to be here while painting in CB 10,” Landi said. “Now they’re using the storage zone to park their cars.”

Landi said that last winter a tree from an adjoining parking lot fell onto the fenced off area, and wasn’t removed for days, blocking total access to the sidewalk. She is glad to hear that the inconvenience will soon be completely remedied.

Pelham Bay, painters’, work area

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