Pearly Gates rehab to begin

The 1.5 million construction of Pearly Gates Playground is set to begin early this fall, adding new fencing, entryways, pavement, landscaping, drainage, lighting, seating areas, equipment, water play area, and fountains.

The long awaited renovations to Pearly Gates Park are finally set to begin this fall, bringing a needed secure and vibrant park to the Zerega area.

Over the past several years, the community playground that opened its gates in 1952, has deteriorated and become an attraction for unscrupulous late night activity.

“It’s a local playground and it has become extremely run down, so I am happy about this starting,” said Sandi Lusk, president of the Westchester Square – Zerga Improvement Organization.

According to the Department of Parks and Recreation, $ 1.5 million has been allocated for the project, $ 524,000 from former Borough President Adolfo Carrion and $ 984,000 in City Counsel funding.

“We are very happy to know construction is going to begin,” said Kenneth Kerns, district manager of Community Board 10. “We are very happy with Parks in that they are planning to renovate the playground and the community will have a great looking park at the end.”

Alterations will be made to the playground, planting, and activity areas. New expanded entry gates will be installed, with high fencing to secure the park, new pavement, improved drainage and lighting, and seating areas within for relaxation.

Inclusions to the new design will be adult fitness equipment, a playground area for toddlers and children 5 through 12, increased landscaping, water play area, drinking fountains, and new playground furniture.

Approximately $ 400,000 of the funds will go to an upgraded comfort station that meets ADA standards for accessibility, along with the rest of the new structures.

Construction is expected to begin early this fall, and is estimated for completion during fall 2010.

“Its great that they will be spending all this money and we have seen the plans so we know it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done,” said Lusk. “W really needed this big time and it’s a positive thing.”

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