PB Red Hat Divas celebrate 4 year anniversary

A group of special ladies from the Pelham Bay area celebrated four years of get-togethers in what could aptly be described as one of the more interesting gatherings in the area.

The local chapter of the Red Hats Society, a nationwide group of mature women whose main purpose is to have fun while wearing red hats and purple outfits, is open to any female over the age of 50. Younger members are also encouraged, although they wear pink hats and lavender outfits.

The Pelham Bay chapter – the Pelham Bay Red Hat Divas – began four years ago this month, and had its anniversary party in a Country Club home on Saturday, January 31. The official anniversary of the Red Hats chapter will be February 9.

“There are 35,000 chapters throughout the United States and Europe,” said Fran Arico, the queen of the Pelham Bay chapter. “It first started in California as a group of ladies who got together to have fun, and the movement grew from there.”

Arico said that a woman who had paid her dues in terms of working and raising a family founded the Red Hats, who besides getting together for laughs also raise money for charitable causes.

She decided to purchase a silly red hat she saw in an antique shop’s window.

From just two or three friends, the society rapidly grew.

“We currently have 13 members in this chapter,” Arico said. “We meet every month to celebrate each other. We have birthdays of the month, and had cake for our forth anniversary.”

The Pelham Bay Red Hat Divas have raised money through card parties for Calvary Hospital and the Sister Servants of Mary, whose convent in Country Club is in need of repair.

The group also has trips in the works for when the weather gets warmer to go to Mohegan Sun, the Elmsford Broadway Theater, and other exciting destinations.

The Pelham Bay chapter was founded at the suggestion of Ann Disero, a member who was in another chapter before helping to found the one in Pelham Bay.

“I was in another chapter, but decided to leave that chapter when this one formed,” Disero said.

According to Arico, the Pelham Bay Red Hat Divas plan to stay active and continue the fun times that have made their organization popular.

For further information, call (718) 828 – 5073.

PB Red Hat Divas, anniversary

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