Patrol symbol sealed

After a long struggle, with the help of Senator Jeff Klein, the Morris Park Community Association will be keeping a shield around their new insignia, to be placed on the civilian patrol cars in the upcoming weeks. Klein joined MPCA members, and representatives from the 49th Precinct to unveil the new design on Saturday, February 28. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

With the help of Senator Jeff Klein, the Morris Park Community Association has a new insignia for their civilian patrol.

Members of civilian patrols were outraged when asked to remove their car door insignia, believed by the New York Police Department to be too similar to their own,.

The MPCA agreed to remove the center design, but had been in conflict with the NYPD over the outer shield they have used as a symbol to protect their community for over 30 years.

“We took out the middle, but they told us we couldn’t have a shield either,” said president of the MPCA, Al D’Angelo. “They [NYPD] don’t own the shield.”

Seeing the controversy emanating from the situation, Klein stepped in and resolved the issue, helping the MPCA keep the shield.

“We want to thank Senator Klein and his office for doing a great job and getting us our shield,” said D’Angelo. “It was very upsetting being told we couldn’t keep the shield, which is why it’s important to have elected officials you can depend on.”

On Saturday, February 28, Klein joined the MPCA, the community, and members of the 49th Precinct to unveil the new insignia, designed by MPCA member Duane Spearman.

“This is the premier community association in the Bronx, they help maintain a quality of life here that is second to none,” said Klein. “One of the things we are blessed with in the northeast Bronx is great police, who do an even better job with the help of a community patrol.”

Throughout the entire ordeal, the MPCA civilian patrol continued to operate and protect their community. They hope to have the new insignia placed on their vehicles within the next several weeks.

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