Parkchester tenants fight to keep parking spots

For Parkchester tenants, finding a parking spot could be a bit more difficult this summer.

They’re fighting a notice that their reserved parking space number is up.

Some Parkchester Condominiums tenants are refusing to accept the termination of assigned parking spots in their parking garage at 2040 E. Tremont Avenue, and their local state assemblyman has stepped in to try to help them.

Last month, garage users received letters from garage management company Central Parking Systems, informing them as of June 1, assigned spots will no longer be issued, but rather “it will be on a first come, first serve basis.”

Tenants, who pay $180 per month to use the garage, were also informed that they can keep an assigned spot for an additional $50 per month, but will have their assigned spot relocated to one of two designated floors put aside for assigned parking.

But as of Tuesday, May 21, a sign posted in the garage stated the termination of assigned parking spots has been suspended until further notice.

Local Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda has managed to get the management company to agree to a moratorium while the issue is addressed and a possible compromise worked out, said his spokesman, Kenneth Thompson.

“I have been a customer since 1996 and they have two sides of the parking lot, one side for large cars and one size for smaller cars,” said Parkchester resident Christopher Tocco. “If people park where they want, the small cars may take all the larger spaces leaving us to squeeze into a small space and possibly damaging our cars.”

Tocco, who is disabled and suffers from a heart condition, said he already has trouble walking from his apartment to his parking spot in the garage, which is directly across from an elevator.

“You have to consider the elderly that live in the community also,” Tocco said. “They are used to their spaces, and if some of them come in late — like I do sometimes — they now will have to search for a spot and may be scared to park on the 8th through 10th floor because of security reasons, and then they may forget where they parked their car.”

Tenants became concerned with the garages’ safety in 2011 when the management company replaced 24-hour parking attendants with roving security guards.

The attendants were reinstated a few months later after tenants banned together to start a petition, gathering 800 names, to bring the attendants back.

“I do not want any premium space, I do not want a lower floor, I want to keep my spot #702 which I had for years,” Tocco said. “I am disabled, I have back problems and heart problems which prohibit me from walking extended distances. I have a Service Dog and I do not need to be inconvenienced looking for a spot somewhere in the garage at 2 a.m. or have to squeeze my car in a spot on the side made for small cars and have my car damaged by people who do not look out or care about other people’s cars. Who will take the responsibility if this should occur?”

Calls made to the manager of the E. Tremont garage were not returned by press time.

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