‘Paper cut’ trips up win for Throggs Neck Girls Softball Little League

They almost made it to the top – only to be tripped up by a “paper cut.”

The Throggs Neck Girls Softball Little League’s All-Star 9- and 10-year olds team was working its way up to heading to the big time world series, only to wind up cut over unmailed paper work.

The team won their District 22 division title and advanced into the sectional tournament, beating Long Island 10-1 on July 12.

But after beating Staten Island 12-1 on July 14, Staten Island officials checked Throggs Neck’s paperwork and found four players on the team did not live in the district and were missing waivers from their local little leagues, even though there is no girls’ softball where they live.

“We work the league for two years to prepare for this tournament, and needless to say both players and coaches were extremely disappointed,” said league president Rachel Mazza.

She said a board member slipped up on the paperwork.

“All they had to do was get a waiver from the boy’s little league and mail in a $16 fee to little league headquarters.”

But Mazza said that as league president, she shoulders the blame.

“I feel responsible because I should of made sure all i’s were dotted and the all t’s were crossed.

“I am the head coach of the varsity softball team at Preston High School and spring is an extremely busy and intense season for me. I tried to delegate the responsibility of the league’s spring season. I can’t do everything, but this incident tells me I have to.”

But quoting the old Brooklyn Dodger fans’ favorite saying, she said “Wait’ll next year!”

For a look at the team’s website, go to www.ThroggsNeckGirlsSoftball.com.

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