P.S. 72 gains SMART technology

Councilman Jimmy Vacca has secured a $ 60,000 grant to provide the student of P.S. 72 with 6 SMART boards and 17 desktop computers. (l-r) Emily Chacon, Principal Margarita Colon, Autumn Warwick, Councilman Jimmy Vacca, Richard Gutierrez. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Excelling their way into the future, the students of P.S. 72 are the recipients of a technology grant to allow for an interactive classroom experience.

The student of P.S. 72 have received 6 SMART boards and 17 desktop computers for grades K through 5, helping to engage the children through the advanced technology many kids already have at home.

“I believe technology is an intrigue part of the learning process and we are competing with a tough society. These children are engaged in all sorts of advanced technology at home,” said Principal Margarita Colon. “I want classroom that are engaging the teachers and students, so they really enjoy the learning process.”

The school celebrated the $ 60,000 grant, secured by Councilman Jimmy Vacca, with a Technology Rally on Friday, May 29.

“Times have definitely changed when it comes to classroom education. If we want to keep them engaged and show them that learning is relevant and fun, teachers need more advanced tools,” said Vacca. “That’s why I have made improving school technology a top priority when I seek funding for my community at City Hall.”

Showing their enthusiasm, the student’s demonstrated how the interactive SMART boards are used in their daily curriculum, including vocabulary use and sequencing.

With the new SMART boards, the school also replaced outdated computers with 17 new DELL desktops that will be placed throughout the classrooms.

“We have desktops for the different classrooms now,” said Colon. “We brought all of our technology up to par, supplementing what was lacking in the classrooms.”

As a sign of their appreciation the faculty, students and staff of P.S. 72 presented Vacca with a school polo shirt and an engraved USB flash drive.

“When I started in 2007, we had no SMART boards, and I said that our children deserved all the opportunities available,” said Colon. “Our goal by 2012 is to have a SMART board in each and every classroom at P.S. 72.”

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