P.S. 333 Wins Bx. Salad Competition

P.S. 333 Wins Bx. Salad Competition|P.S. 333 Wins Bx. Salad Competition
Photo by Odette Scofield|Photo by Odette Scofield

P.S. 333 received a free school-wide Bronx Salad celebration and awards ceremony on Monday, June 25 in their auditorium for receiving the most votes for their Bronx Salad Cover Competition-winning photo. Their photo will appear on the cover of the ‘Bronx Salad Toolkit for Schools,’ an adapted recipe and planning guide for schools desiring to grow, harvest and eat a version of the Bronx Salad using their school garden’s produce. The Bronx Salad Toolkit Photo Competition was sponsored by Bronx Health REACH and Grow to Learn.

P.S. 333’s garden featured a wide array of fruits and vegetables.
Photo by Odette Scofield