P.S. 175 adds a variety of new tech upgrades

Councilman Jimmy Vacca and P.S. 175 Principal Amy Lipson join students to cut the ribbon to celebrate the new technology made available though a $ 100,000 grant secured by Vacca. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

The future is looking bright at P.S. 175 with the addition of a wide variety of new technology for students to enjoy and learn on.

On Tuesday, June 16, Councilman Jimmy Vacca visited P.S. 175 to cut the ribbon for the new technology, made possible through a $100,000 grant secured by Vacca.

“As Councilman I can allocate money and I enjoy giving the money to schools because they seem to do the most with it,” said Vacca to the students. “I give a lot of technology grants to our schools because I want to see our kids benefit from this. We are moving ahead with technology.”

Replacing old and outdated computers, principal Amy Lipson was able to purchase 17 iMac desktops for the school’s computer lab.

Students used the visit as an opportunity to demonstrate how useful the 10 SMART boards will be in the learning process, adding an interactive element to each classroom.

Additionally, Lipson was able to bring in three SMART Document Cameras, which allow teachers or student to display real-time images on the SMART boards.

Each classroom was given a Senteos, a total of 32 in the school, as part of the grant as well. These handheld devices enable teachers to send out questionnaires that the students can respond to from their desks. The device assesses the answers and progress of the entire class or an individual student.

“This will help the students become more technologically savvy and advanced,” said Lipson. “The Senteos will help the teachers to assess the students better and the computers and SMART boards will make the lessons more engaging to encourage students to participate more actively.”

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