P.S. 14 art project recognized as one of the nation’s best

P.S. 14 art project recognized as one of the nation’s best
The lobby at PS 14 with Litchfield’s artwork.

One Waterbury-LaSalle elementary school is getting some creative recognition for one of the nation’s best public art projects.

Senator John D. Calandra elementary school was recognized for displaying one of America’s 50 best public art projects in 2018 in its lobby on Monday, July 15.

The award winning mosaic is titled ‘The Tree Inside Me,’ which artist Sandy Litchfield derived from a 1914 Rainer Maria Rilke poem.

It depicts trees, leaves, birds, butterflies and flower in vibrant harmony with various buildings and structures.

“I hope the children, faculty and staff can enjoy it for years to come,” Litchfield said.

Following the building’s theme of the seasons, the artwork moves upward from cool winter tones to the warmer colors of spring, summer and fall, drawing attention to the school as a year round shelter for children to learn and grow.

“Sandy did an amazing job and our public art display has become the focal point and the centerpiece of our new school,” Principal Ira Shulman said.

“This artwork is emblematic of our commitment to art programs that are vitally important to the students’ learning experience. Art has the potential to help improve a student’s memory and concentration skills as well as develop decision-making and critical thinking skills,” the principal continued on.

The project was commissioned by NYC School Construction Authority, which aims to beautifully schools around the boroughs.

“New York sets an extraordinary model that I hope other school districts in other states will follow,” Litchfield said.

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