P.S. 121 Receives New Computers and More

For many schools today, new technology plays an important role in guiding a student to a better education in the future.

Most elementary schools are not provided with up-to-date computers and other forms of technology, and as a result, teachers are not capable of using modern programs to teach their students inside the classrooms.

P.S. 121 on 2750 Throop Avenue has been lacking much needed new computers and other classroom enhancements for a long time now and because of that, Councilman Jimmy Vacca was able to allocate funds from the city council last year to provide $50,000 to the school for new computers and other technological enhancements.

Once the grant was received from the council, the installment for the new equipment began in February 2010 and was fully completed in September for the beginning of the new school year, creating a new learning environment for students.

On Friday, February 11, Vacca was invited by school principal Rachel Donnelly to take a tour of the school’s classrooms to see what they were able to purchase with the money that the city council had granted to them. Vacca was astonished to see all of the new hi-tech equipment that the school was able to purchase.

“School today isn’t what it used to be 30 or 40 years ago in terms of what can be used to teach the children,” Vacca said. “In 2011 and further on, it’s very important for the students to engage in educational computer software to enhance their knowledge at a young age and prepare them for the future.”

The school, with grades pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, received brand new Apple desktop computers for the computer class, as well two Apple computers and Smart-boards for seven other classrooms to aid teachers in providing a better education for their students.

The Smart-boards are designed for teachers to engage in interactive learning with the students, combining a whiteboard for writing with markers, along with a projector and speakers that allow teachers to perform digital lessons through a computer.

The students were excited to learn that Councilman Vacca helped the school receive their new toys and all thanked him after explaining how well the new computers have been able to help them learn more.

Principal Donnelly had contacted Councilman Vacca for the first time nearly two years ago to see if there was anything that he could do for the school since they had been lacking new computers and other classroom needs for a long time.

“We are very grateful to Councilman Vacca for all that he was able to do for our school and our students,” Donnelly said. “The new computers and Smart-boards are absolutely wonderful and they are really helping us in class activities as well as enhancing the learning process for our young students.”

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