Owner of Morris Park Flooring talks about how business survived COVID-19

Morris Park Flooring survives COVID-19
Photo by Jason Cohen

Jimmy Lanzetta has worked in the carpet industry for nearly 50 years, but the owner of Morris Park Flooring has never experienced anything like he did during the past few months of COVID-19.

Lanzetta, 68, has operated Morris Park Flooring at 1008 Morris Park Ave., for eight years. He shuttered the business in March and reopened June 22. Lanzetta noted throughout COVID-19, Morris Park was a ghost town.

Fortunately, on May 29, the Small Business Association gave Lanzetta a 30-year loan for $100,000, which was a lifesaver. It felt like a load was taken off his shoulders and he could breathe. He used half of it to pay off vendors and put the rest into savings.

“Without it [the loan], I wouldn’t have made it,” he said. “I would have gone out of business.”

Jimmy Lanzetta, owner of Morris Park Flooring, discusses how the business survived COVID-19. Photo by Jason Cohen

Throughout the pandemic he would go to the store twice a week and check his voicemails and emails. Customers would contact him, but he had to explain he could not sell them anything until he reopened.

Dedicated to his job, this was the first time he had ever taken off work. It was stressful, depressing and challenging. He spent time with his family and his baseball card collection. But after three months of being shuttered home, he was antsy to return to work.

According to Lanzetta, his landlord Miguel is a very gracious and kind person. Miguel has been compassionate and has not hounded him for rent.

His first week back felt like a holiday. June 22 was one of his busiest days in a long time.

“I had a very nice week this week,” he said. “When I opened up it was like I’m back. I love to work. I enjoy dealing with people.”

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