Overdevelopment continues

Dear editor,

The approval for a new 8-story, 26-family building has gone through at 3531 Bruckner Boulevard. The proposed plans are to build right up against the building at 3555 Bruckner Boulevard blocking numerous windows on the side of the building for folks living in those apartments.

Also, hold onto your parking spaces everyone. The only parking that must be provided is for 13 cars and these are usually paid spaces that most likely will remain unused. In reality we can figure on a minimum 35 additional cars or so most likely more as the average family has two cars which will bring that number to 52. The property was formerly occupied by two single-family homes.

If the ‘powers that be’ refuse to rezone the building guidelines why not amend the parking requirements for this? Aside from parking, the overall quality of life is being severely impacted schools, electrical infrasture, mail, garbage. In return these developers give zero back to the community except for ugly buildings with no curb appeal and a whole lot of additional traffic in the neighborhood.

Patty Justiniano

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