Optical service center QSpex opens first Bronx location

(l-r) Adam Decker, commercial development manager, Ledessate Infante, optical service center manager, and Jessica Levy, commercial development manager, pose in front of the QSpex logo.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

A new eyeglass manufacturer has opened its first location in the Bronx.

QSpex, an eyeglass developer that offers high-speed manufacturing services for its customers, recently held the official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of their new optical service center, 26 Bruckner Boulevard, the first QSpex location to open in the New York City.

QSpex, which has developed a proprietary process that manufactures and finishes lenses locally, allows for personalized, same-day delivery to the consumer’s eyeglass provider or location of choice, including a home or work address anywhere in the five boroughs and parts of Long Island and Westchester County.

The process begins with QSpex obtaining a customer’s prescription from their eye doctor.

Following that step, QSpex processes the customer’s glasses based on the doctor’s prescription, including the molding, coating and bonding of lenses.

Within an hour and a half, QSpex has developed a new pair of prescription filled glasses for their customer.

If orders for glasses are placed by 2 p.m., QSpex confirmed that customers are able to receive their glasses by the end of the work day, either by pick-up or delivery.

“People in today’s market want everything now because we have become used to automatic services – why can’t this be true with glasses?” said Adam Decker, commercial development manager. “This is a great opportunity for people in the Bronx and NYC who want their product quickly and can’t afford to wait two weeks for new glasses.”

“The same-day services that we offer provides customers with a fun, direct way to purchase their glasses and without any compromises on quality,” said Jessica Levy, commercial development manager, who will venture through different parts of the city in the fall with an eye-catching purple chair to giveaway and promote QSpex’s products.

“Any other eyeglass manufacturing process that doesn’t offer this service has become obsolete.”

“This is a brand new technology in the Bronx that offers a very high-speed and unique service to our customers who now have that same-day option to receive their glasses,” said Ledessatte Infante, optical service center manager.

“This developer services individuals by quickly providing them with the proper eyewear that they need in a timely fashion,” said John Bonizio, owner of Metro Optics. “This previously unseen, enhanced customer service model is ahead of its time, and I extend this improved customer service to my patients.”

QSpex, which also offers specific anti-reflective and blue light-blocking lenses as well as sunglasses (with no adaptation period), plans to open four other locations in NYC in the near future, including two locations each in Brooklyn and Queens.

The first, and to this point, the only other QSpex center is located in Alpharetta, Georgia, which has been live for a year.

The center also offers an Eye-Care Professional Locater for their customers, which finds the closest eye doctor to a customer’s location.

“The opening of this QSpex location marks a turning point in how New Yorkers purchase and receive eyewear,” said Brett Craig, president and CEO of QSpex. “New Yorkers can now receive their finished eyewear in a matter of hours without interruption to their schedules.”

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