‘One Stop Shop’ Bronx Docs clinic opens on Westchester Ave.

For those feeling under the weather or looking to make their annual doctor’s appointment, Westchester Square now has a new option.

BronxDocs with partnership of non-profit affiliate Emblem Health, announced the opening of a new primary and multi-specialty facility at 2044 Westchester Avenue on Monday, December 9.

BronxDocs executive director Neal Polan said he and his wife, Amy, have owned and operated health clinics since 2002, but only opened the first BronxDocs office last February after taking over what was once a St. Barnabas clinic.

Just a month later, the 932 Southern Boulevard location was opened in Hunts Point and now the third facility is near Westchester Square.

“The healthcare industry has been transitioning from an institutional delivery system to retail delivery system,” Polan said.

Polan explained a patient does not have to go to a major medical center just to be seen by a primary care physician, but can walk down the street to a smaller, local clinic to be seen and receive the same care they would at a larger facility.

He considers the BronxDocs clinics ‘one stop shops’ with their specialty cares available, instead of dealing with the hassle of referrals from primary care services.

Polan said BronxDocs takes pride in how quick appointments can be made and followed through.

Primary care or pediatric patients can be seen within 24hours of making an appointment and specialty or diagnostic appointments within a week.

“The most significant value given to the communities is access,” Polan said.

BronxDocs sites are selected strategically, according to Polan, and are as followed: the site is in an underserved medical community, the site can add value to the community in a culturally sensitive way and gives the community the advantage of having a well funded and technologically advanced facility.

The Westchester Square location is 8,000 square feet, has 20 exam rooms and offers all the sub-specialties.

He also applauded the women’s health doctor, Dr. Dorcas Morgan, who works at 2044 Westchester.

Director of clinical services for BronxDocs and nurse, Daisy Velloz now floats between the three locations, but has worked for Polan for 17 years.

The new location has a specialized cardiac rehab program set in place already.

Velloz said what sets BronxDocs apart from other walk-in clinics is their multiple specialty services because it increases the patients compliance and supplies patients with what they need.

What Velloz means by compliance is making sure patients make it to their scheduled appointments and receive the corresponding care for whatever diagnosis they have.

With that in mind, Velloz said the new Westchester Avenue location will offer evening and weekend hours in the near future.

Both Polan and Velloz shared the same essential sentiment, “trying to meet the communities needs.”

“At BronxDocs, we consistently strive to deliver high-quality, community-based medical care that is patient-centered, compassionate, and quality-driven,” Polan said.

For more information about BronxDocs, visit bronxdocs.com

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