OLA, Mahan Avenue blessed with speed hump

A new speed hump will be installed by the Department of Transportation on this stretch of Mahan Avenue between Middletown Road and Roberts Avenue, near Our Lady of Assumption school. - Photo by Walter Pofeldt

A busy street in Pelham Bay will soon have a new speed hump, slowing down traffic for schoolchildren and senior citizens.

The new hump will be installed by the Department of Transportation on a stretch of Mahan Avenue between Middletown Road and Roberts Avenue.

With Our Lady of Assumption Catholic School and Church on the block and P.S. 71 around the corner on Roberts Avenue, community leaders were greatly concerned about the safety for schoolchildren at dismissal, in light of increased traffic on the street.

Mahan Avenue is also very busy with parishioners of OLA church coming to and from mass. The church has its main entrance around the corner on Robert’s Avenue, and an exit on Mahan Avenue.

“Monsignor [Donald] Dwyer, from OLA, reached out to me with concerns that speeding on Mahan Avenue was posing a danger to the local school and church,” said Councilman Jimmy Vacca.

Vacca contacted the DOT in April to see what could be done to make the street safer, specifically requesting a speed hump for the location.

“We got a letter from Councilman Vacca’s office requesting a speed hump,” said DOT spokesman Craig Chin. “A study was completed in late April, and the speed hump should be installed in the next few weeks.

DOT borough commissioner Constance Moran signed off on the project on April 30. The location was forwarded to the DOT’s Street Maintenance/Engineering Division to schedule installation as part of the Speed Hump Program.

“I am happy to report that the city has heeded our call and will install a speed hump in the coming months,” reported Vacca. “This traffic calming measure will go great lengths to keep our local children and parishioners safe.”

The news came of great relief to Dwyer, who was concerned about parishioners and schoolchildren who cross the busy artery. Dwyer said the area is plagued by congestion.

Dwyer noted that the community as a whole would benefit from the speed hump, especially in light of the construction of new homes near the intersection of Middletown Road and Mahan Avenue.

“This speed bump is the answer to our prayers,” Dwyer said.

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