NYPD detective with history of complaints arrested for punching girlfriend

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An NYPD detective with a history of complaints against him was arrested at 7 a.m. on Saturday for assault following a domestic incident, according to the police.

Ramu Hiller, 47, punched his girlfriend in the back at a residence within the Bronx’s 45th Precinct, an NYPD spokesperson told the Bronx Times. It was unclear whose residence it was.

The officer was suspended without pay, another police spokesperson told the Bronx Times.

Hiller, who was promoted to detective in 2008, is a detective in the 25th Precinct, which covers the northern part of East Harlem.

The Bronx District Attorney’s Office did not prosecute Hiller because they could not move forward without the cooperation of the complainant.

According to city payroll data, Hiller has worked for the NYPD since Sept. 29, 2000. In 2021, he had a base salary of $97,324, and received $34,093 in overtime and $20,530 in other pay.

According to the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB), there have been 27 allegations against Hiller across 13 complaints.

Six of those allegations — which were spread across two complaints — were substantiated, meaning an investigation found sufficient evidence to believe the officer acted unlawfully.

In May 2002, Hiller plead guilty to abusing his authority with threat of arrest, using a discourtesy word and physical force in the 14th Precinct, and was punished by losing 10 days of vacation.

In April 2016, there were substantiated allegations of Hiller breaking the rules with physical force, a discourtesy word and other force in the 33rd Precinct, but he faced no disciplinary action.

Litigation is pending for allegations of offensive gender language and abuse of authority through property damage in October 2019.

As for the most recent CCRB allegations against Hiller, which are restricted breathing, physical force and a chokehold in May 2020, the complaint is labeled as unavailable, meaning the investigator could not locate the complainant.

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